Useful Resources

Below are just some resources that we think could be useful for people. They are divided as "Islamic Resources" and "Non Islamic Resources" but some of the items might overlap as they belong on both sides (ie: Fundraiser outline). We will continue to update the resources as we come across new material either on our own or through suggestions from others. Feel free to post comments to help people.

The below links may take you to websites or pages outside this website.


Islamic Resources

Learn Quran

Learn about Islam in General (and maybe get a free Quran translation)

Fundraiser Outline
Day of Event Assignments (Excel Sheet)

Islamic Will
Word File

Find an Islamic Center/Mosque Near You

Ramadan Activities for Children/Young Youth
This is a great resource to use for activities that one can do with Young Youth in the Masjid during the Taraweeh prayers and during the day at the Masjid. 
Ramadan Activities for Youth



Non Islamic Resources

For Landlords (This is just for reference, it may not be legal in some states/county's, etc)
One Version of Residential Lease (PDF)
Invoice Excel Sheet

Fundraiser Outline
Day of Event Assignments (Excel Sheet)

For University/College Students
This is a government website that helps in paying for college depending on the combined household income of the family. For low income households, this is really great. But it is a benefit for everyone. Fill it out on the 1st week of January for the upcoming school year. Fill in numbers with approximate information and after you file your taxes, go and fill in the actual amounts.
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

There are also plenty of scholarships available. Check with your university/college and check online as well. 
Fastweb is a great place to start