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How To’s

Learn how to do some of the most common things in life instead of paying out a lot of money for them. Some things are really simple. Let us help you through them. If you have specific questions on how to do a particular task, ask us and we'll see if we can make a video to help you out.

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Product Reviews

Every now and again, I get my hands on something that I can review. It could be something that I'm doing for myself, just to test it out or it could be for someone else. Either way, its a good way to share some of my thoughts and in the process, help those who are maybe interested in that particular item.

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Random Videos

See the collection of just some of our most random videos that we couldn't classify as anything. These are just for pure entertainment (or waste of time) as they probably do not provide any beneficial knowledge and include things from being in the desert to people walking or drinking tea.

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Blogs & Thoughts

These will be a collection of my ramblings on current events, issues that I believe need "correcting or addressing" and some [hopefully] useful advice. These collections will be either in video format or written, and in some cases, both. I hope to help people in any way possible with these opinions of mines. 

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I absolutely love taking photographs. I can take thousands in any given event or trip. Some are not as "artsy" as others and some are just duplicates. But I will share some of the better pictures on this website form my trips or something random or cool I find in my everyday life.

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