Future Services

Future services we plan to provide:

  • A “Craigslist” type service for Muslims. We plan to provide the following:
    • Homeowners looking for Muslim Tenants
    • Muslims looking for housing from Muslim owners
    • Muslim services (In mosques and otherwise)
    • Muslim Owners looking to post job listings for “Muslim” environments
    • Muslims looking for jobs in Muslim businesses or mosques
    • Muslim events in the local area
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Dua requests page
    • Other Muslim targeted opportunities
  • Connecting Muslims from different parts of the states and the world

These services are just some of our hopes and with the help and will of Allah, we can hopefully provide them.

We look forward to growing this website and the brand with the help of our visitors and all those who provide feedback and constructive criticism. Again, we thank you for visiting and have a great day!