Assalamu Alaikum (Peace and Salutations to everyone)

The tragic loss of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu Salha and her sister Razan has many youth in the Muslim community at a loss for words. Many are going through a roller coaster of emotions from anger, sadness, patience, sorrow, praise and so on...and these individuals were not even related to us. But the work they did, what they stood for resonates amongst all Muslims living in America which makes us feel like we knew them all our lives, that they were part of us. This is brought unity to the Muslims in America in a way which was out of our reach for many years.

We express our deepest and sincerest condolences to their immediate families, close relatives and friends. May Allah give you all patience during this trying time, may Allah protect you, bring ease, warmth and love to you. May Allah give Deah, Yusor, and Razan the highest level of Jannah, shower his mercy on them more than the showed mercy to others in this world with their work. Ameen.

We don't know what you, as the family, is going through because most of us have never gone through this traumatic event, at least those of us in the US. You all were the closest of family to the martyrs and you deserve your space and privacy in this tragic time. But we, as the Muslim community, is there for you and your family when and if needed.

There is a lot of blame to go around as to why this tragedy happened, mostly the western media always vilifying Muslims in general, and hence, their hesitation to report about the deaths of these 3 great, young Muslims. These martyrs go against the very narrative of what the media portrays Muslims as...and to report on who Muslims truly are will negate every evil they have spread about Muslims. That is why they are still looking for excuses as to why this tragic incident happened.

To the young Muslims in America who are extremely angered by this incidence, please do not take your anger out in a way that is not acceptable in Islam. Please don't take revenge on these Martyrs behalf, nor the American Muslim Community's behalf. We don't need any rash and unnecessary violence in their names. All we can and should do is hope and pray that Justice prevails, keep the martyrs in our dua's, as well as their families and provide as much support for their families as we can. We can also continue the great work and legacy of these individuals in our perspective cities and neighborhoods. We can take this opportunity to change the Media's narrative of what Muslims stand for and help the less fortunate. Provide food, help with shelters, and any other humanitarian activity we possibly can.

May Justice Prevails for these individuals. They will always be remembered in our hearts and minds, for what they did in live, not the tragic way they were killed.